5 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Health & Tips

It is unlikely that there are many people who are negative about travel. And even if it seems to you that you cannot travel around the world, after all, absolutely all people have access to travel. Perhaps this will require some effort: to look for cheaper tickets, rent an inexpensive room/apartment from the owner, think through a budget route - but believe me, these efforts are worth it. Here are 5 reasons why you need to plan a trip right now!


1: Life without routine. Tense workdays, bad ecology, ubiquitous deadlines have a negative impact on the physical and psychological health of a person. Such an intense schedule becomes the main cause of depression and poor health. But it is necessary to change the situation even for a couple of days, as everything around is transformed! This is not surprising, because during travel we change the usual schemes, get a new experience, make the brain work in a different direction - such changes have a positive effect on our immunity, mood, and hormonal background.


2: Open consciousness. It's so easy to get stuck in a quagmire of familiar surroundings and stereotypes. Having chosen even in another city, you can see interesting details in the behavior of its inhabitants. And what happens if you go to another country? And on another continent?! Travel literally breaks the patterns of thinking, makes you think wider and sharper. It is an excellent practice of concentration and all-acceptance. Amazing architecture, unusual cuisine, different mentality - will open a completely different world. Each new country is a new life.


3: Journey = meditation. Many passionate yogic travelers see a direct connection between travel and meditation. A trip by bus to an unfamiliar place, a walk through the deserted streets not only leads you from point A to point B but also reflects your inner path. It is during the travels with a person that the most powerful insights happen, the awareness of who he is and what he needs is coming to him.


4: Vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin also badly affects health - immunity decreases, insomnia appears, vision deteriorates, and depression comes. In the worst case, breast cancer, asthma, heart disease may appear. But a trip to sunny places can significantly improve the situation. And the presence of a nearby sea or ocean and does heal all the wounds of the soul.


5: The sea of joy. Travels make life bright and intense. No car, no expensive dress will replace the emotions that a trip will give you. Arrange the right priorities and choose what you really need!