Feeling Of Style

Do you know how many people have feelings? Four, Five, & maybe six? Or thirty-three, as modern psychologists say? Well, let's count for loyalty ourselves. Vision - once, hearing - two, sense of smell - three, touch - four, taste - five and intuition - six. These feelings, like none of all present in a person, help each Stylish Piece in the choice of its new image. And yet there is a sense of style, which is the most important and which all other feelings and emotions are subordinate to in the process of forming their style. Therefore, it makes sense to understand our feelings in more detail and understand if you have the makings of a stylish and how they can be developed.

How the basic feelings help the feeling of style:

We have already established that the basic feelings of a person are six, we use them every day, and they create a lot of additional feelings that allow us to perceive and feel the surrounding world in our own way. That is individual.

This is exactly the same as with color because the main colors are only seven, but each of them has a hundred shades, often not even caught by the human eye and without a name. But they are, and these hundreds of unrecognizable colors create the richness and beauty of the world that we so admire.

So it is with feelings, some of them are used by us daily and in the most ordinary situations, not even realized by us. You do not tell yourself every second, what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears? But the sense of style in everyday life is invisible and not so important, but still, it is dreamed of as lost vision or hearing, the absence of which makes life less diverse and comfortable.

With the help of vision, we understand that we like a certain thing that it is beautiful and elegant, and maybe we want it, or vice versa, a complete visual rejection. Hearing helps to hear pleasant words, compliments or criticism in their address and this gives us a chance to change for the better, to become more stylish and perfect. That is, vision and hearing are important tools to create your style.

Next is the sense of smell, the power of this feeling is so great that it allows us to open our wallet to buy a new product of the perfume industry. Oh, this is, truly, a precious sense of smell!

Together with a vision that falls in love with an elegant bottle and a cool brand, the sense of smell can ruin us, but at the same time, we will be stylish bankrupts.

Touch, that is, the ability to touch and understand, whether it is pleasant to you by touch or not, is also important. Together with the rest of these feelings, touch complements the palette of sensations that the Stylish Piece is able to experience at the sight of a new stylish thing.

Need to remind that touch is also the key that opens a purse in fashion boutiques? What, you doubt? And what about those new stylish shoes in which your leg literally runs to meet new impressions? Or that leather handbag, as pleasant and smooth as the baby's cheek or the back of your adorable Yorke?

I think we sorted it out,

And intuition, you ask? And you will be right, this elusive and spontaneously arising feeling more than once saved you from meaningless purchases and a huge waste. Well, of course, it is intuition that often helps to choose the most suitable element to along, creating a complete image.

It is intuition that says stopping when applying makeup, choosing a color palette in clothes and kilowatts of shine produced by rhinestones from your outfit. And only thanks to the feeling of intuition, your wallet is flung open in the right amount and gives you the necessary amount of money, not everything that it keeps so carefully. Although not always, often it fails, when all other feelings are stronger.

But still ... but nevertheless, my lovely Styles, only intuition allows you to hear, recognize and understand the true sense of style, the presence of which distinguishes a carefully copied from someone image from a true style, individual and unique. A copy of the original, identity and confidence from duplication and imitation.

Without the basic feelings of a person, it is difficult to create your style, because they give important information to the feeling of style, and it, in turn, allows you to choose the most appropriate for a particular occasion style of clothing. Just like the sense of style stops our view of the right thing, forcing us to pass by pretentiousness and vulgarity. Everything is connected and so it is wonderful!